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2 Votes The Explosion Action If you have looked at some of the other actions that we have done, like blood, slime and hatchet, then you knew I wasn't gonna be happy until I got to blow something up. Well, put your ear plugs in and watch out for flying debris, because here's The Explosion Action.
0 Votes LT's Danbo Love Action To PURCHASE send £7/$11 to my Paypal: Your action will be sent to you via email asap.--Wow this made the front page! Thanks!--A result of my newest Danbo Picture: Hope you lik...
1 Votes Vintage Photo This is an action for photo ageing. :!: Photo must be larger than 200 px :!: Should work well with Photoshop 6+. I wrote also tutorial, but it is in german. If you are interested, give me a note, and I will send it to you.
0 Votes Comics Photoshop action This action will turn your images into comic looking pictures. Will run smooth on CS2, I am not sure about the other version... Would be nice if you let me know!
0 Votes Brushed Iron A companion to "Glossed Iron", this text effect has also been updated and dramatically enhanced! The border looks like it has been shaved off this chunk of iron and polished to the extreme. Inside, the unique textured "iron" gives this action a dramatic and pleasing look.
1 Votes Big picture The B&Big Picture combines two of my popular actions: the versatile "Big Picture" action with the eye-catching B&B techniques. At the end your image is turned to a very impressive collage made up by 25 different photos. Each one of these photos has a bordered style and appears to be slightly curved.
1 Votes Double sketch effect Here it is another sketch action I made. This action offers a double sketch effect, just like if you painted the sketch twice, once from left to right, and once from right to left.
0 Votes Action Get Rid Of Notebook Lines! So You've Got Your Masterpiece All Drawn On a Weak Piece Of Notebookpaper? Get Rid Of Those Blue Lines!