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0 Votes We Wabbits font type by Quiccs Please fav this font if you want to download + comment
0 Votes 19 Paint Brushes By Domino 88.abr follow the tumblr guys, more content
0 Votes anbuxitachi Render Pack +1 made by ~ANBUXItachi Free render pack.
0 Votes High-Res Photoshop Brushes - Leaves I started to make Photoshop brush sets here on BittBox, and everyone seems to love them, so I’m gonna keep on pumping them out whenever I can. I actually took leaves from my own back yard and scanned them to make this Hi-Res Photoshop Brush set. There are 10 brushes in the set, and most of them are 2500px in size. Enjoy, and don’t forget, you can post your artwork to the BittBox User Showcase Group@Flickr to show all of us what you’ve come up with! Enjoy the brushes. Download and installation instructions below.
0 Votes High-Res Red Rocks Texture Pack Textures are fun to work with and can add realism and an organic feel to your design. Here’s a set of textures from the Red Rock Canyon in Nevada. Feel free to use them for any purpose (commercial works or otherwise) except for redistribution. Though attribution is not required, it’s highly-appreciated. There are 6 textures included in this texture pack. Each image is large-scale (2,896 x 1,944 pixels) and high-resolution, so it’ll give you the ultimate flexibility in usage. You can scale them down to fit your artwork or just take certain areas of a texture that you’re interested in. If you don’t like the red color and you just want the rough, grungy textures – desaturate (Image > Adjustments > Desaturate) them in Photoshop (or your favorite image editor) and experiment with different blending options and Layer modes to get the desired effect.
0 Votes OldManJames Render Pack 4 All c4d renders. Please :+fav: if you download and definately if you use credit me. Links are appreciated I like to see what people can do with my renders. Dont forget to :+devwatch: should be more coming Please do not use my renders in any brush packs.
0 Votes PSD 02 MilaKunis. PSD: [link]Credits please.
0 Votes PSD 03 Dianna PSD: [link]Credits Please:
0 Votes Psd 04 PSD: [link]Credits please.
4 Votes soad2K HD render pack A few diffrent renders from te heavens dead peice... 8 total pngs 3000 by 3000 or 2500 by 2500..... please +fav if you use and give some credit :| i spent a good bit of time on them so it would be nice :P
0 Votes !00x162 psd ^^[link]