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0 Votes Carbon Fiber Patterns Seamless Carbon Fiber # 2 Patterns from ? Peter Plastic - included in rar. - .pat ( pattern ) - .jpg
0 Votes Micro Patterns 54 Patterns for Photoshop I have re-uploaded the brushes on my portfolio. I don't withheld this deviantART. Please don't redistribute these patterns as your own. Don't upload them on russian warez sites!
0 Votes SynthGen A large collection of computer-generated seamless tiles for quick and easy use as texture fills in a wide variety of your projects. There are 10 sets of 100 images at 50 x 50 pixels each, providing a total of 1000 textures. This pattern pack comes in *.pat format which should be compatible with ALL versions of Photoshop from version 6 upwards, including CS and Elements. Also included are individual *.jpg versions of each texture for use with any other 2D or 3D application capable of importing jpeg images.
0 Votes Damask Patterns Volume 2 Please don't redistribute these patterns as your own. Don't upload them on russian warez sites! No commercial use without permission. For custom designs do not hesitate to contact me.
0 Votes GRUNGY PATTERNS texture pack These are some textures I just made using scanned paper of some old books I found in my library Enjoy it, download it and FAVE IT if you do so If you use any of my textures, GIVE ME A NOTE and link...
1 Votes Floral pattern I was unable to find a pattern like this, searched the whole internet for it. Until I came to the conclusion I'd better make one myself. So I did; this is my result. It's high resolution (1263px * 1263px), tileable (seamless) and has a transparent background. I'd love to get a comment if you enjoy this pattern! : )
0 Votes black - white patterns [13 Pattern .pat]
0 Votes Seamless Photoshop Patterns By onethirtytwo no credit needed if you use them, but :+fav:s and comments are much appreciated. enjoy! :)
0 Votes Seamless Vector Perforated Metal Pattern I’ve found it to be a difficult task to discover (decent) free seamless perforated metal patterns on the web. Seamless VECTOR is even harder to find. I mulled it over and the seamless vector patterns that I’ve searched for the most would be Perf metal, and Paisley, by far. I haven’t attempted paisley yet, but I thought if I made a perforated metal pattern in vector, my guess is that a lot of people would find it somewhat useful, so here it is:
1 Votes CarbonFiber[Project89Designs].zip ::CarbonFiber PS Pattern:: A carbon fiber pattern created in Photoshop CS5. This pattern has been tested in CS4 and CS5. It looks just like the carbon fiber that you would see on street racing cars and other metal materials.